Graphic arts

Here, you will find my graphic pictures. They are often the result of my imagination. I develop a special feeling and impression through my imagination. This spirit is captured in my graphics. This kind of art is called imaginative art.

Art Design for Postcards and Products

A lot of my graphics are used as motives for postcards or posters and other products. Among others, you will find those graphic pictures in the gallery Design & Art that have succeeded as motive on the limited cup edition of Könitz.

Your own Watercolor or one of your Sweetheart

If you are looking for a graphic portrait of yourself or another person, you are in a right place. Please take a look on the second page of my gallery Design & Art. There you can see some of my work samples where I have portraited people. I take photos and then I produce a watercolor that displays its own impression. Watercolors are very nice presents and are often demanded. A portrait photo is easily organized as a present, but a watercolor will surely leave a greater impact.

You want your own Graphic?

As a graduated artist, I also take orders for a graphic picture which I will execute according to your demand. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me via email.