Textile Painting

Welcome to my textile pictures gallery!

Here you can discover my pictures that I painted on fabric myself. As a graduate of the Moscow textile academy I have a special connection to this working material.

I love working with silk. Silk painting is an ancient art from Celestial China. I connect this art form with my personal style, as you can see in this gallery.

I specialise in pictures based on imaginative art. These are pictures that originate in my head through pure imagination. The purpose of this art movement is not to create a realistic image (comparable to the Realism era), though, but rather to capture an emotional connection, in which the viewer is ideally able to empathize with the art and can relate to it.

You can purchase my textile pictures and silk paintings, as well as order an individual one. The commissioned work requires a consultation with the customer, but is not obligatory. If you’d like to get more information about my work, please contact me via mail.