Art & Design

Welcome to my Design & Art gallery

Take a look at a collection of sample work concerning the topics silk painting, product design, textile and jewellery. As a graduate of the Moscow academy of textile I have learned my craft from scratch. This education is the reason for my wide range of artistry. Art does not only come from “heralding” but also from skill.

I do not only paint or do pottery, I also design designs for textiles and products based on YOUR demand. For example, I created a product design for coffee cups for the “Könitz Porzellan GmbH” – virtually as an equivalent to the “Ritzenhoff” cups.

How to generate more revenue from art

Nowadays, products do not just get bought due to their function. If you merely want to sell the pure functionality of a product, you as an entrepreneur will struggle to vend. The competitive pressure is vast in nearly all markets.

Good and strong-selling products serve an additional purpose to a specific functionality. In a world where the USP (=unique selling proposition) is getting scarcer, the UAP (=unique advertising proposition) gains in importance. The company “Apple” for example proves that over and over again. Essentially, Apple products are not really new, merely designed well and magnificently advertised. As an expert for imaginative art I am capable of capturing emotions substantially. Whether as an image, pottery or as a design for your product.

I can help giving your products that extra something, so you can sell more of it. Have you become curious? Then please contact me via e-mail.