Signature of Julija Ogrodowski (artist of Warstein)
Fragment Spiral by artist Julija Ogrodowski
The Ocarina eye sculpture by the artist Julija Ogrodowski
Picture: "Red red red roses" of artist Julija Ogrodowski
creatures fragment of the artist Julija Ogrodowski
Stages of the soul fragment of Julija Ogrodowski
Sculpture: "The Bird in Hat" by artist Julija Ogrodowski

Welcome to my world of imaginative art

You are looking for a fancy piece of art? Discover the pieces I create in my private atelier in Warstein.

As an artist, I give a personal touch to all my drawings, graphs and pottery. At the same time, my art is influenced by a lot of different factors. That is my art studies in Russia as well as my life in Warstein and my surroundings. You can call the style of my art mind-blowing, if you like.

I do not run a gallery, but you can make an appointment with me in Warstein by email or phone. Then I can show you my pictures and sculptures.

My artwork is constantly shown in public galleries. If you are interested in the exhibition of my artwork, please look into the column “News” on a regular basis.  You will find my exhibitions there.

Julija Ogrodowski (artist of Warstein)