Welcome to my gallery of pottery figures and art objects made of clay.

Not only do I paint, I give my imagination a substantial shape of the third dimension through my handicraft as well. For that I use one of the oldest working materials known to mankind – clay.

To process the clay I use techniques from the Majolika manufacturing. The most important thing for that is a precise control of temperature in the manner the clay is burned. Even the slightest divergence in temperature may influence the coloration.

Working with clay is a very sensual experience. All of the classic urelements are deployed – earth, air, water and fire. Human-beings have a deep and sometimes even mystical connection to clay sculptures.

My figures are not supposed to resemble some object realistically. I rather manifest an emotion or atmosphere in them. My clay figures arouse feelings in people. One may find my pottery repellent, but someone else may recognize his mood and thus fall in love with this figure.

Not only feelings can adhere in an artistic pottery, but sounds and tones as well. This virtue has a special charm on me, which is why you will experience some interpretations of sounds in these figures. Art does not only serve as a pure depiction, it also establishes a new view to everyday life.

Pottery art as an individual gift

In my gallery you will see a selection of my handmade pottery figures. As a graduated art specialist I am capable of capturing YOUR feeling in a clay sculpture. You may contact me via mail if you have questions concerning my figures or if you like to order an individual clay figure.

  • Cat


    1998 Porcelain

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